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The application has multiple settings available in Settings tab. Each setting is explained in detail the order they appear in the application (see screenshot).

When you change a setting, it is automatically saved, you do not need to restart the application or click any buttons.



First section defines the basic settings of the application, including tray icon functionality.
  • Language Defines the application interface language.
  • Minimize to tray If on, application minimizes to tray instead of exiting. Double clicking the application's tray icon will bring back the application window.
  • Move to tray when ready If on when status of the application is ready (all green checkmarks on presentation tab), the application window is automatically minimized to tray.


This section contains settings for displaying notifications on the screen during the presentation. On the screenshot below, there is a popup, which is displayed when Slideshow start command is executed.

  • Display popup notifications Each detected gesture displays a popup notification in bottom right corner, with the information of the executed command. The above screenshot contains an example of a popup, which is always displayed on top on the primary monitor (where taskbar icon is).
  • Display overlay messages Overlay messages present more important messages, where presenters need to react immediately. It is usually used to display the notice when sensor does not detect a presenter. The message is displayed on top of all windows and in the center of the screen.
  • Notify when no presenter visible Disable the no presenter visible overlay message. An example of overlay message is displayed on the screenshot below.



This section is meant for application updates. When green checkmark is displayed (see the top screenshot), the application is updated. The automatic check option checks for update on start of the application (if on). You can check for updates manually by clicking on the "Check for updates" button.

Update functionality requires a working internet connection!

The source for auto update system is Codeplex's downloads tab. Version of the application is checked and compared dynamically.

Advanced settings

On the bottom of the settings tab, there is a button to show advanced settings. To configure the advanced settings of the application, read Advanced settings page in detail. They contain the information about configuring PresentationAid for other presentation software and mapping of the gestures.

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