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Auto detection of all presenters

Once Kinect sensor is properly configured, the application auto detects and tracks all presenters in the scene. That means that if a presenter walks out of scene, he is no longer a presenter. Also it keeps track of the active presenter and gives control to the presenter doing a correct gesture command. If there is only one presenter in the scene, the control is given to him automatically.

Read more about this in Getting Started.

Different applications

PresentationAid supports more applications with extendable engines. The support for Microsoft PowerPoint is currently the best, however you can use other presentation applications with Keystroke engines. They work by sending keystroke actions to active window.

We have tested the application with Prezi and Google Docs Presentation.

Read more about PresentationAid settings.


PresentationAid was designed with extensibility in mind. That is why it is very easy to develop another execution engine, to be used with another application. It does not even need to be presentation software. You can use PresentationAid with any application or game you want, just by using our keystroke engines. If you want full support or special actions, you can develop your own execution engine.

The underlying recognition system is also easily extendable and it allows for addition of other gesture recognizers to be used together with the ones already implemented.

Read more about developing.

Gesture mapping

Gesture mapping system allows you to map any gesture to any command to any application. You can even set the same gesture to more commands using Extended keystroke engine. Everything is done with a simple, user friendly configuration manager, hidden in advanced settings.

Read more about this in Advanced settings.

Minimalistic design

PresentationAid uses modern minimalistic user interface, to point out the important features. It uses some guidelines from Windows 8 design (previously Metro) and is developed in Windows Presentation Foundation to work on all modern Windows systems.

See the screenshots.

Multiscreen support

Most presentations are done with having a projector connected to a laptop. PresentationAid supports the extended desktop for presentation screen, with notifications displaying on main screen, so only presenters can see them.


A small and basic notification system is included to help presenters with gestures, telling them if the gesture was detected or if there is an error with sensor configuration. It contains small popup notifications for basic information and large overlay windows to display really important messages.

Read more about this.

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