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So, you are a developer and you want to tweak PresentationAid? Of course, it is pretty simple. But of course, first you need to build your own version. This page includes basic guidelines to build your own binary of PresentationAid.

Download source

To start you need to download the latest source from Codeplex repository. You do this by going to the Source Code tab and click the download button.

Important: The latest source code in repository is usually a newer version than the public release. It might contain unfinished features or bugs that cause the application to crash. That means the source code is a nightly build and it is unstable for production release.

If you wish to work with a stable release, it is recommended to download the change set that is publicly released (you can find the change set number on downloads page).

Extracting source

The source code will be downloaded as a archive, so first thing you need to do is extract the source code to a folder. Try to pick a folder that has not too long path (the length is limited to 255 characters), because usual IDE's create additional temporary files when building.


To build the binary from source code, you need to have installed all the required frameworks. There are more ways to build the binary, the easiest is clicking the Build button in integrated development environment, such as Visual Studio. You can always use Visual Studio Express, which is free or Sharp Develop.

You can alternatively build the application with using MSBuild tool, provided with .NET framework installation. You can read more information about this on MSDN.

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