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It is recommended to read through the general documentation, before using the application. Many questions and problems can be avoided, if you configure the application correctly.


The develop section is meant for developers and enthusiasts, wanting to extend the functionality of the application. It is written entirely in C# and it is compiled against .NET Framework 4.0, so make sure you know the basics before starting.


If you are having a problem using the application, read through the appropriate section below. If it is an application known issue, there is usually nothing you can do, before a patch is released.

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Legoless Mar 17, 2013 at 12:15 PM 
Thank you Markus for your comment.

All recognitions worked for me, but it might take a little practice. To help you with this, I suggest that you open the Kinect tab where you can see the joints. Make sure the circles that represent hands are close together, keep them like that for few seconds, until gesture is detected. For the wave, you should make sure the hand is higher than elbow (it might recognize the hello gesture without even waving). Again practice with Kinect tab. I am sure it would be much better if I implemented both those recognizers together with machine learning techniques, but for now the arithmetic will have to do. ;)

MarkusJupiter Mar 5, 2013 at 3:55 PM 
I just tried it :-)
It looks really great and everything is explained nicely!
It works well with PowerPoint and I tested using the Extended Keystroke for writing letters in Word.
About the recognition:
-Swiping left and right works perfect.
-I do have problems with the waving. Half of the times takes it as a swipe.
-I never got the joints hand gesture to work not even in the tutorial.
Did somebody else had the same experience?

Anyway, it’s going to be cool when I use it in my next presentation, which will be about Kinect :-)