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screenshot_front.png PresentationAid is a small application, used together with presentation software. It's purpose is connecting the most common body gestures read by Microsoft Kinect sensor, to a small engine that converts them into keystrokes or presentation software commands.

The most common is software for presenting Microsoft PowerPoint, but the application is not limited to Microsoft software. You can use it with almost any presentation software or even apply the gestures to completely different application.

PresentationAid uses minimalistic and simple design, so it is easy to configure and use. All you need to do, is install Kinect SDK, plug in the Kinect sensor and start the application and everything works perfectly just out of the box!


Just click on each image to see the screenshot.



feature-autodetection.png feature-application.png feature-extensibility.png

feature-gesture.png feature-minimalistic.png feature-multiscreen.png

Minor features

In addition to main features displayed above, PresentationAid has more minor features, that make the application innovative and entertaining.

  • Notification icon
  • Popup notifications (design based on Growl)
  • Overlay notifications (for example when presenter is not seen by Kinect)
  • Extensible gesture system to add new recognizers
  • Auto update system


The following roadmap displays the project's progress, features and describes future release plans and updates. Only major updates are displayed (as minor are mostly bug fixes).

Feature 1.0
Not funded
Not funded
Notification Icon in taskbar
Popup notification
Overlay notification
Metro UI
Auto detecting presenters
Multiple presenters
Multiscreen support
Multiple engines for different programs
Mapping to multiple commands
Auto update system
Kinect Voice commands /
Presenter on screen for pointing /
On screen hand pointer /
Subtitles with speech recognition / /
Custom mapping with treeview / /
Dynamic gesture loading with MEF / /

• Implemented
◦ In progress
/ Not started (Lack of funds or time)


The project is coordinated and implemented by Legoless (Dal Rupnik). The project was created as an educational project - a practice assignment to learn the Kinect SDK. Project became useful and it was extended and polished to be used by general public.

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Thank you

A big thanks goes to all the developers that created the tools used in developing of this project. An extra thanks goes to the coordinators and developers of the following open source projects (in alphabetical order):

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